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Efficient Structured Wiring: An image showcasing the installation of low voltage structured wiring, ensuring a well-organized and efficient network infrastructure. Experience reliable connectivity and optimized performance for your various technology systems and devices.


At CCTV Estimate, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our local installers are ready to provide you with a complimentary estimate for your new security camera system or assist with repairs and upgrades to your existing CCTV setup. Trust us to provide professional installation services.

installation services
Connected Communication for Any Setting: An image depicting the installation of a video intercom system, bringing seamless and secure communication to commercial buildings, apartments, condos, and homes. Experience enhanced convenience and control with this advanced intercom solution.


We provide regular maintenance and support to ensure the optimal functioning of your CCTV system.

Maintenance Services
Tailored Audiovisual Setup: An image highlighting a custom installation of TVs, monitors, and projectors, designed to deliver a personalized and immersive audiovisual experience for optimal entertainment or professional use.

TV Installation

Transform your viewing experience with our professional TV installation services. Our experts will flawlessly set up your TVs, providing optimal placement and connectivity.

TV Installation Services
Advanced License Plate Recognition: An image showcasing a license plate security camera equipped with analytics, enabling efficient and accurate reading of license plates for enhanced surveillance and monitoring purposes.

License Plate Recognition Camera

Elevate your security measures with our cutting-edge license plate recognition cameras. Capture and identify license plates effortlessly, enhancing access control and monitoring capabilities..

License Plate Cameras
Enhanced Monitoring: An image illustrating a security camera integrated with a cash register for comprehensive transaction monitoring and management at point of sale (POS) systems.

Cash Register Interface

Streamline your business operations with our cash register interface solutions. Integrate your surveillance system with cash registers for comprehensive transaction monitoring and management.

Cash Register Interface
Seamless Security on Mobile: An image featuring a security camera, demonstrating its functionality and accessibility on both iPhone and Android devices.

Remote Viewing Setup

Enjoy the convenience of monitoring your surveillance system from anywhere with our remote viewing setups. Keep a watchful eye on your property through mobile devices or computers..

Remote Viewing Setup

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